Greetings, We recently moved to our new datacenter in Los Angeles, CA. We are now have a much more reliable network so that we can provide a better service to our customers.

Also, as you all know, the holiday season is fast approaching and that means lots of vacations (and lots of yummy food too), so make sure you can keep your business running smooth by ensuring your communications are working properly. If that means that you need to be reached on your mobile phone when customers call your office, then you will need a Voice over IP setup so you can have your extension forwarded to you wherever you may be this season and not lose any customers due to lack of communications.

Be safe and have fun.


We know there are no bargain prices on success-no sales or discounts. We only get that for which we pay. Furthermore, not only is the price high, but we must continually be buying it over and over again.

There is a price to pay for success. Most people only see the end result of other’s efforts and think it happened overnight. The truth couldn’t be farther from their conception. That is why most people are not successful. They are not willing to pay the price.

Each day we have the opportunity to watch the magic and miracle of time. Time-life’s most priceless tool, that which cannot be weighed in the balance or tested in the cruicible. But we know it is the only ingredient that we use to transform our dreams into realities and our hopes into success.

-Cavett Robert


This is about the most true and motivating statement I have ever read. It touches your mind, body and soul leaving a chill down your spine at how true and benevolent those words are.

I am not one who would be a case-study in the success story…yet, however I live by these words and urge any individual to do the same because if you want something in life bad enough, the only thing holding you back is simply time. You have to make the time and dedicate yourself to something you believe in. That is how people become successful.


The advent of the infamous weblog or simply “blog” has brought a new avenue of communication to the internet. Some good, some bad, but nonetheless inevitable. There are pros and cons along with many different ways in which one can utilize a blog for personal or business purposes. This one just happens to be for business. We will be posting articles, events, and photos of our volunteering efforts as well as events we are attending or participating in. Keep checking back.